Arash Safavi – Week 2

Jan 18, 2019

1. Margaret Archer. (2007). “Introduction: reflexivity as the unacknowledged condition of social life.” Making Our Way through the World: Human Reflexivity and Social Mobility.

2. Poler, Michelle, TEDxHouston, 100 days without fear, Video, 14:59, November 28, 2015,

I came to Canada almost 2 years ago. At first, everything here was new for me. I really didn’t know many people. I don’t know any places, buildings, streets and etc. I really didn’t feel I belonged here. I couldn’t connect to people. I felt a distance between myself and Toronto. I like TED talks. My favorite one is “100 Days without fear”, a TED talk by Michelle Poler. She made a challenge to face her fears in 100 days. So, I inspired by that and decide to make a challenge for myself to overcome this feeling that I had. But what Should I do? I wanted to be an engineer because I wanted to design bridges. I like to connect people. Later I realized that photography and art connect me to people. So, I should use my bridge in my challenge. I started something called “100 Days, 100 People”. Basically, every day, I start to talk to a complete stranger and I ask to take a photo of them. This is my notion, to challenge everything and try to overcome it by facing it. That is why I think it is a great reference for me.


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