Huda – Week 2


Foucault, Michel. The Order of Things: An Archeology of the Human Sciences: A Translation of Les Mots Et Les Choses. New York, NY: Vintage, 1970


“Her work has also broken through dominant Western perspectives on culture, addressing socially relevant issues such as global conflict, cultural dislocation and social breakdown, past and present, as well as the concrete realities of flight, exile and homelessness. Hatoum’s work also deconstructs the symbols and mechanisms of power and exposes the wounds of oppression.” (Bitterli, 2014. 41)

Bitterli, Konrad, Mona Hatoum, and Nadia Veronese. Mona Hatoum:. Berlin: Holzwarth Publications, 2014.

This catalogue is about the works of Palestinian, London based, artist Mona Hatoum (born 1952,) and her exhibition at Kunst-haus St.Gallen in Switzerland. As displaced Palestinian, Hatoum’s work explores themes of home and her lived experience of confinement, homelessness and exile as consequences of displacement. Written in both German and English, this book also contains analysis of Hatoum installation and performance based works in the period between 1999-2014. In addition, it has quotes from interviews with the artist about the ideas behind her creations.

I found this catalogue to be relevant to my thesis research.  Hatoum’s experiences intertwine with mine. We both belong to the same occupied land, and are the descendants of displaced Palestinian families. Hatoum and I have both experienced being in exile and suffered a great range of its aspects.

I have become more acquainted with the material, ideologies and philosophies she employs, which further enriched my critical thinking. Additionally, I have become aware of the various contemporary practices out there.