Blog Post #2

Visit the University of Guelph Library.* Find a book or print catalogue featuring the work of one artist mentioned in this course during presentations, lectures, etc. It can be any artist other than the artist you presented on. Develop a blog post in the form of a response to what you found. Include at least one image in your post, which could be a scan or cel phone image that clearly shows a particular work of interest. Detail images of the work are also interesting to see and offer your readers. Feel free to engage in a creative way through text and/or making an image in response or relation. For your post you must include reference information both to the publication source as well as the details – author, title (itl.), year, & materials (if available) – of the specific work you have chosen. Dont forget to make a considered title for your post.

Due November 14, 2018


  • I recommend doing an initial search via the University of Guelph Library home page ( so that you can have a sense of what is available and where to find it. You can also ask for assistance at the library if you are having difficulty locating source material.