Final Project – The Anxiety of Photography


Value: 30%



The assignment is experimental in nature, and will emphasize the expanded field of photography by incorporating other visual art processes such as assemblage, ceramics, drawing, installation, painting, sculpture, textiles, etc. This project should develop from the materiality, processes, and conceptual nature of image making in relation to the photographic. Students will consider various references for an expanded field of photography including course texts, The Anxiety of Photography exhibition, and a diversity of artistic practices working with photography.


Supplies: Whatever you need.

Photographic inkjet paper for printing is available as part of your lab fees. If you are printing pick up paper from the technician during office hours. If you are submitting files for printing make sure to put digital final files in submissions folder, AND fill out a physical Print Request Form available on the technicians door.

Paper options are Luster, Glossy, and Matte. Premium papers are available at additional cost. The following size and quantity options are covered by your fees:

  • 20 sheets of 8.5×11″

  • 8 sheets of 13×19″

  • 5 sheets of 17×22″

  • 1 mural print at 40×50″

NOTE: Remember to do all printing test on the same paper that you will use for your final print(s). Also, when printing DOUBLE check that you have selected the correct printing paper profile EACH TIME you make a print.



  • Review notes from in class presentations and suggested course readings available through this website (
  • Research artists and techniques that interest you and develop a list of techniques, ideas, and strategies that you would like to explore. You may incorporate anything that might be interesting to explore in relation to photography. You can work with found images and/or make your own. Consider the potential of various materials, equipment, processes and what qualities they might offer your project. For example: using a scanner as a camera, 3-dimensional printing + scanning, projection, physical spaces, digital spaces, etc).
  • Experiment with techniques. It is helpful to start with a theme, subject matter, or general concept, as otherwise the possibilities are endless.
  • Present your final work at the critique. I will be looking for originality, thorough experimentation in relation to an idea or concept, and attention to detail. Ambition will be rewarded.



Your final work/project for this course. If any part of your work cannot be handed in due to size, installation considerations, etc., take images that document your project (this could be screen grabs or links) that you can submit. If you let me know beforehand I can also plan to make some back up pictures of your project during the final in class critique.

A Critique Sheet for your final project is due Nov 28, before 2pm.

This assignment will be graded based on a rubric. Consult the rubric to see what you will be graded on and what the grade breakdown looks like. Attention to detail is essential.


20% — Originality

20% — Exploration/Combination with other processes, practices, and media

20% — Attention to detail

20% — Ambition

20% — Composition/formal qualities/presentation