Weekly Schedule III/IV


Field Trip Info & Date – Selection Form


W23 4700 Course Outline.pdf

Course Work/Assignments


W23 4720 Course Outline.pdf

Course Work/Assignments

III/IV References & Info


Jeff Wall, ‘Frames of Reference’, in: Artforum, vol. 42, no.1 (September 2003), p.189.

Assignment #1 Photo III/IV selections

1 – Neluka, 5 – Kenzie, 13 – Haleigh, 14 Kathryn C., 16 – Eli, 19 – Miguel, 20 – Kiana, 22 – Bella, 28 – Jayde, 29 – Yukkin, 31 – Farhad, 32 – Abbey


Moire’s Catwalk

  • Set up a (free) WordPress account using same email the course website/blog invitation was sent to, and accept invitation to the course website/blog.
  • Image making & post to blog. Low contrast BW photo made in reference to one of these images
  • Post to blog instructions here

Course questions and info to prepare:

– Are there any materials, processes, technologies you are hoping/wanting to work with or learn this term? Any demos, workshops, and/or refreshers that you would like?

– Any specific interests in Photography that you would like to try and incorporate into the course via readings, discussion, supplemental content, workshops, etc?

– Regarding the field trip to Toronto. In lieu of a course day (ie substituting a Tuesday or Thursday class for a Friday class) how likely are you to attend? Are there any barriers to you attending that if resolved would allow you to join the group? How about Friday Feb 10 for a field trip (if not any other suggested dates)?