Lalani Jennings Contemporary Art Gallery (

Exhibition Dates : March 20-25, 2023

Install Sunday Mar 19 from 12:00 pm – 5:00pm

Reception/Opening Thursday Mar 23 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm

De-Install Sunday Mar 26 from 10:00am – 12:00pm

Updates and Additional Info

Floor Plan:

View of exhibition space from entrance. Right side area not generally for use. Gallery space on the left side of this image shows three of the four walls for exhibiting your work. All floor plinths and shelves from the exhibition space will be removed, unless you want or need to use them. The fourth wall is not visible from here and is viewable from the gap between the walls at the top centre-left of this image.

Three of the four walls available to show your work. The fourth wall (image below) is visible from between the gap in walls located at the top centre-right of this image. Plinths and shelving in the main gallery space will be removed, unless you want or need them.

Fourth wall available to exhibit your work between two of the three walls of the gallery space. This wall is not visible from the main entrance.


There will be three in-progress critiques, scheduled at regular intervals, for which students are required to present new work in progress and actively participate in discussions. “New work” is considered in the context of working towards the development of a significant work or body of work for exhibition + end of term critique. There are no set material or production expectations for the first IP Crit. Rather, it is a time to engage with the small group to establish expectations, navigate production of work for exhibition, and the development of your individual practices. Make use of course content including the expanded use of “research”, in class talks/PDFs, PPTs, supplied reference content, and discussions about practice and production. Note that it is not possible to offer feedback on content/work that we cannot see or experience. Concepts, ideas, and references should be provided with visual content, material, tests, and/or various forms of production/engagement. Consider how you want to visually share “new work” for a critique, for feedback and conversation organized to assist you in the process of making work and developing your practice. This is not easy to do and I understand that, especially the difficulties of working independently. As the syllabi says “Take Risks. Be Ambitious.” And, for encouragement I will add: trust in yourself & your practice while being open to exploration and the various opportunities that will present themselves along the way. For this IP Crit #1 you don’t need to know exactly what your term work will be or how you will do it. You need some references, directions, ideas and visual content engagements that give us a sense of the options and scope of the work you’re looking to do. If your having to choose I’d say focus on quality over quantity.

CRITIQUE SHEET (for all crits)

Class Reading Discussion info


Project Proposal and Artist Statement info

Research Texts

Group Project with Photo III

Lillian O’Brian Davies, “Witch Weather” (Davies, Peripheral Review, 2020) — Reading

Group photo participation high-res image for reference

The Painter’s Studio by Gustave Courbet, 1855

Suggested character/animals/object selection choices (if you see something else you want to be let me know!)