Presentation & Research Assignment


Value 10%



The assignment is a short presentation of 10 mins to the class. It will emphasize research, on an artist or a text, which will be verbally articulated. Visual content in the form of images must also be incorporated. Students will look into the options of artists and texts provided, and make three selections, ranking them in order of preference from 1 – 3. You will be assigned one of your selections for your presentation.

Possible selections for presentation include:


Anne Atkins (historical)

Annette Kelm

Cao Fei

Christopher Williams

Erin Shirreff

Hito Steyerl

Lisa Oppenheim

Liz Deschenes

Pierre Huyghe



George Baker (Text: Photography’s Expanded Field_Baker-2005)

Walter Benjamin (Text: A Small History of Photography_Benjamin-1931)

Vilem Flusser (Text: Selection from – Towards a Philosophy of Photography_Flusser-1983)

Hito Steyerl (Text: In Defense of the Poor Image_Steyerl-2009)

Rosalind Kraus (Text: Photography’s Discursive Spaces_Krauss-1982)

Susan Sontag (Text: In Plato’s Cave-1997)



  1. September 19: a list of artists and texts will be provided in class. Look into the options on your own and make selections.
  2. September 26: Bring to class your three selections for presentation, rated in order of preference from 1 – 3. You will be assigned one of your three selections, not necessarily your 1st choice, as this will depend on how other students in the course have made their selections.
  3. Conduct research on your selection. This must include going to the University of Guelph library to consult books, catalogues and other print material to take an account of what is available. Secondly, consult online sources such as academic texts (UG website will be a great source), websites, images, video content, etc.
  4. Prepare a well-researched presentation. Incorporate visual content into your presentation in the form of images. If you want to show a portion of a video or a website, keep it to one or two references and under 1 minute in total duration. In some situations it may be reasonable to play content silently in the background for a longer duration while you are actively presenting. Presentations should offer information, opinion, reflection, and questioning that demonstrate a thoughtful engagement with the content and context of selected artist or text vs. a summary.
  5. Give a 9-10 minute presentation to the class. A timer will be set and presentations will end after 10 minutes. Also, be prepared for 1-2 questions from the audience following your presentation.



Give a short presentation to the class on Wednesday, October 10 between 2:30 – 5:10pm. The presentation should include visual content for reference and be no longer than 10 minutes. Your attention and engagement with presentations by your peers during the class is very important.

This assignment will be graded based on a rubric. Consult the rubric to see what you will be graded on and what the grade breakdown looks like.


Preparedness – 20%

Understanding of Content – 20%

Quality of Information – 20%

Visual Sources – 20%

Audience Connection – 20%


“Preparedness” and “Audience Connection” include BOTH the time you are presenting AND the time you are an audience member.