Reading Response

Value: 10%

1. Closely read the following texts:

Rosalind Kraus, “Photography’s Discursive Spaces: Landscape/View”, Art Journal, Vol.42, No.4, (Winter, 1982), p.311-319.


Matthew Thompson, “The Object Lost and Found”, The Anxiety of Photography, (Aspen Art Press: 2011), p.67-90.

These texts are available through the “Resource” section of this website (

2. Make a list of key words that are new to you, and provide a short definition. Use a selection of this new vocabulary in the class discussion.

3. In bulleted or numbered list form, include:

  • Three main arguments that you gleaned from the material
  • Two things (at least) that struck you as particularly important or interesting in relation to your own work or to the class
  • One pertinent question (at least) that you have

4. For the class discussion, feel free to bring in other information, such as other articles or images that might facilitate discussion or offer context on your question(s) for the class.

Submit: List of key words (that are new to you) with definitions, and your 3/2/1 response The 3/2/1 response should be 1 page long for each text, single-spaced. All materials must be submitted in an envelope clearly labeled with your name, course number, and my name (Ie Jane Doe – SART 3750 – Dr. Colin Miner).