November 5 2018 flashing tests

Dear fellow classmates,

Where: Zavitz Gallery

Alex – Colin told us to use the strobe kits to photograph, so I thought it would be productive to display both strobe kits and photograph them. So, yeah, we used the kits.

  • Mary liked the framing of the glass window and thought it would make quite the intriguing photographic content
  • We worked with the reflection from the glass of  the window in the Zavitz Gallery
  • Shooting dow the hallway and attempted to Frame window from the Print Collection Room which is exactly the same size and line up as that in the Gallery
  • The strobe lights were set up in the gallery and placed behind the photographer
  • We also took a few auto shots with the camera’s flash to see how much flashback the two windows would offer

Jenn – I wanted to  test out the tunnelling effect that Mary liked about the hallway. After I took the photo, I realized that Mary and I were being reflected in the glass and it looked as if we were standing outside in the hallway rather than in the room.

Strobe kit

2 umbrellas