War Games-the innocence of a child.

This image was found in a book by Jeff Wall titled “Exposure.”

War Game 2007: Gelatin-silver print 247 x 302.6 cm


I think the Title “War games” is very appropriate for this work. When I first saw this image it really grabbed me.  It made me think of the innocence of children and how what the see as a game can turn into something so much more dangerous.

20181113-215056_p1.jpgWhen I looked closer at the faces of the two boys laying down I noticed the one boy smiling. I think that really shows the innocence of these boys. And in someways makes to me seems like the main focus of the image. The lack of colour and the lighting both work together to create the impression of an image taken during a war.

This seems to have a sense of dualism. It goes between the innocence of a childs game and the reality of what it can become overtime.