1 (a) Book (chapter)

LaBelle, Brandon. “Unlikely Publics: On the Edge of Appearance.” In Sonic Agency: Sound and Emergent Forms of Resistance, 1-28. London: Goldsmiths Press, 2018.

A meditation on sound and potential for its active engagement within a socio-political context. The text considers sound through four overlapping elements; the invisible, overheard, itinerant, and weak. Citing contemporary sound studies theorist Salome Voegelin, alongside a diverse selection of writers/theorists/philosophers including Hannah Arendt, bell hooks, Jacques Ranciere, and Edouard Glissant, LaBelle articulates the potential of sound—and by virtue, listening—as an empowering structural component of resistance. The formation and celebration of community is encouraged, in opposition to divisions caused by mind/body or spiritual/political differences. As a whole, the text proposes that a critical vocabulary through sounding and listening can—and needs to, more than ever—emerge if marginalized voices are recognized and championed as agents for positive changes within society.

1 (b) Book

de Vicente, Jose Luis, Honor Harger and Josep Perello, ed. Invisible Fields: Geographies of Radio Waves. Barcelona: Actar, 2011.

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