Week 3

Breton, Andre, Nadja (New York: Grove Press, 1960), pp160.

Rhyne, Janie, The Gestalt Art Experience (Chicago: Magnolia Street Publishers, 1984) pp.200

This book is commonly used in Art Therapy and was quite popular in the 70s and still today.  The principles of Gestalt are about recognizing patterns, and simplifying complex images. The intention is to find meaningful perceptions from chaotic stimuli around a person or people. I am very interested in human behavior and emotions. I am reading more on therapeutic methods and learning how to identify certain behavioral(internal) patterns and the coping of an over stimulated society. In my practice I have a desire to not necessarily solve behavioral conflict but rather learn how to portrait it through colour, sound, writing, and installation. Having had a Gestalt therapist myself in the past, I think reading about the methods and theories will deepen my poetic scape on an intellectual level as well as when considering form and spacial awareness, or at least I will consider it more and practice new techniques.