Bib. Package 05 (Feb. 15)


Reference Package 5

Laurel McLeod

Feb. 15, 2019

Berry, Thomas Mary. The Dream of the Earth. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books, 1988.

Published back in 1988, The Dream of the Earth by Thomas Berry, provides the groundwork in ecological study. Taking into consideration traditional thought as well as more contemporary perspectives, he outlines why people need to be brought back into reality, respond to Earth’s current state, and thus detach ourselves the “technological trance”, that we were and still are living in. This book is relevant to my practice as it shows how the well-being of Earth is a measurement of what we do as humans. My work involves understanding how we as people are connected to nature and considers that we often forget that we too, are a species. This book explains how certain human-Earth relationships can repair the environment. This is something, he argues, that benefits both us as well as Earth. This is and will continue to be brought up in my work as I seek to immerse viewers in physical spaces that reflect such ecological concepts through site specific installation, sculpture, and drawing.


Hill, Susan M. The Clay we are made of: Haudenosaunee Land Tenure on the Grand River. Vol. 20.; 20;. Winnipeg [Manitoba]: University of Manitoba Press, 2017.