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Carreras Genis. Philographics. BIS Publishers. Amsterdam, 2014.

La Melia, Tiziana. The Eyelash and the Monochrome. Talon Books. Vancouver, 2018.

La Melia is an artist and writer who explores interchangeable pathways between between material, text, and thought. This artist book features strange glimpses of paintings and photography and odd interspersed poems. La Melia’s poetry is concise and complex, not only maintaining balance striding lines between the personal, obscure, and mundane, but drawing new lines altogether. Author CAContrad reviews the text on its back cover claiming La Melia “breaks your ears away from poetry you have known.” The Eyelash and the Monochrome fluidly marries genderless domestication, warped perceptions of bodily expectations, uncanny dreamscapes, insects and animals, rural microcosms and cityscapes, planetary consideration, and philosophical pondering. I am relieved to know this artist, recommended by Colin, who successfully exists in the liminal space between visuality and language. I am moving toward adding book operations to my practice. La Melia is my current favourite example of a contemporary experimental poet not forcing themselves inside the seemingly limiting box of computer technology and rather, traversing knowledge and experience conceptually to produce novel material.