Bib. Package 08 (Mar. 8)

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Wade, David. Li: Dynamic Form in Nature. Wales: Wooden Books, 2003.

Looking into David Wade’s book Li: Dynamic Form in Nature I have been able to identify exactly which natural occurring formations people encounter throughout their lives. I have learned that even the most similar of forms can exist as a very separate entity than that which they resemble. This book goes into detail about such patterns that are evident in nature at each scale. Related to my practice, it references the sense of mystery that such patterns evoke. Wade states that all dynamic forms have a capacity for such mystery due to the fact that what you see visually through process is not always known or fully understood. I work with mysterious qualities in my own practice creating and showing visual artworks while at the same time withholding points of information. Only some evidence of what is going on is offered through descriptive titles, materials, or processes, when I choose to provide them.