7 (a) Exhibition (website)

“Cally Spooner: SWEAT SHAME ETC.” Swiss Institute, accessed March 22, 2019,

With her exhibition SWEAT SHAME ETC, British artist Cally Spooner contemplates technological and financial conditions controlling daily life, using visual, sonic, and choreographed forms. Exhibited at the Swiss Institute’s East Village space in New York City, the main gallery is dotted with waist-height plinths cast entirely from olive oil soap, accompanied sparingly (and informally) by prints, drawings, life size metal ears, and fresh (at some stage) pears. Most of these objects are on the floor, not on the plinths. Amidst it all sits a “possessed” drinking fountain, connected to chlorinated water with its faucet constantly engaged. The rooms interior circumference is marked with a continuous faint orange-brown line, applied by hand with spray tan. Nearby pencil lines chart and cross-correlate the artists metabolism to fluctuations in currency exchange rates over a synchronized five year range. A rear section of the gallery houses a series of pencil drawings of bodies with heads scratched out or missing altogether, and sound installation featuring a speech by Ivanka Trump played in conjunction with a recording of dancer Maggie Segale sniffling and coughing while rehearsing with a head cold.

7 (b) Book (excerpt)

Kozinuk, Rob. “How to Build a One-Watt FM Transmitter Based on a Workshop by Tetsuo Kogawa.” In Radio Rethink: Art, Sound and Transmission, edited by Daina Augaitis and Dan Lander, 301-317. Banff: Walter Phillips Gallery, 2004.

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