Reding #1

-Discourse: Area of information exchange

-Tendentious: Expressing or intending to promote a particular cause of point of view, especially a controversial one

Daguerreotype: First commercially successful photographic process invented by Louis Jocques Mande Daguerre

Quasi-Formalist: having some resemblance by possession of certain attributes.

The text examines what the meaning of a photograph can be and what we the audience can learn/derive from a photo. The reading examines how the context of a photograph or knowing about the photographer changes the perspective held by the audience while looking at an imagine. An example used here is the bush woman who doesn’t understand what the photo is until the meaning and context is explained to her “Every photographic image as a sign above all, of someone’s investment in the sending of a message”. One thing that stuck with me is how the author states that one of the significance features of a photograph is its reproducibility and how it can spread and be shared around the world with large amount of people so easily.

The author states that “…the discussion that follows engages the photograph as a token of exchange both in the hermetic domain of high art and in the popular press”.  Here the author is examining the relationship photography within the art and new print as photographs are used in both fields to tell a greater story. That is, the meaning of any photographic message is necessarily context determined. “The photography is a universal and independent language or sign system “.  The writer states how only through giving context to a photograph does it meaning become more visible with the author saying that photographs “present merely the possibility of meaning. “

“Photographer as seer vs photographer s witness, photography as expression vs photography as reportage”.  This quote is on the discussion between a photo being created for artistic or documentary purpose whether one has more merit above the other one.

A question I have is what is the future of photography and do photos need to have a deeper intrinsic meaning or can they just be photo?