Framework No. 7: Room

There are many things about this space that interest me, but mostly I wanted to document how my own interests inform this specific space. This is a photo of my bedroom. It is the first time in many years that I have one of my own and I am crippled with indecision on how to best express myself in this space. For almost a year now I have left it barren. The changes that have been made in this room have been by accident as a result of an accumulation of my manifested interests. In Room I document the stillness of a space and how the stillness makes it home to me. The bamboo I use to hang a backdrop for photos, the chair is for meditation and studying, and the plants I nurture teach me patience and process – something I find essential in all of my art-making endeavours.

I originally wanted to document my interests in a smaller space like a box but found the images took on a claustrophobic aura and were also too dark to catch the details in the books and letters I placed in the box. I set up this framework for test footage of a video I am making. I decided to take a picture.