Framework #8

This photo is referencing “One and Three Chairs” by Joseph Kosuth.

In the original work, Kosuth is questioning the notion of art and the accuracy of representation, he is turning a chair into an object of debate and a platform for exploring new meanings.

In the photo, the exterior reflections on the glass facade and shadows on the inside wall are almost merging into one plane, making the inside and the outside indistinguishable. At the same time, glass windows are reflecting on the glass facade and a, perhaps wooden, shadow ‘chair’ is hanging on the wooden wall. All these obscure things are making the viewer question what is what, what is true, and what is not. Similarly to the reference, the photo raises questions and debates.

Initially, I was going to reference Seagram Building for this framework. The idea was to recreate an evening view of the building when black steel and glass building gets lit from the inside. To do so, I wanted to photograph the facade of the same style building during the golden hour, which would produce golden reflections on the glass. However, on the way to the financial district, I caught the ‘chair moment’. It was fascinating to me and I got immediately reminded of the “One and Three Chairs” work, which I noticed while researching various works of art for reference.

That is why this week my sketch has nothing to do with the final work and the only shared attribute is the theme of golden hour.