WIP 1: “Featuring Awe”

For this project, I wanted to capture the sense of awe and child-like wonder present with the child in Courbet’s painting.

In my photo, I feature my roommate who gladly helped me complete this project. We captured this photo at approx 9:12 am during a cloudy and brisk morning. My intention was to have soft shadows to portray a gentle scene. Moreover, besides the subject not being a child and the clothing’s time period, I feel the main difference between the source material and my photo is their gaze. The child looks up at the painter in the painting while my roommate is looking toward the clouds. However, there is an element of nature that is present in both pieces as the painter creates a landscape, and my photo focuses on the landscape as the center of attraction that is being made to be awed at.

The main challenge for this project was coordination, although I’d say this assignment went pretty smoothly from start to finish, I still had to wait for the right opportunity to shoot as during this week there was a lot of inclement weather. The last hiccup was editing in photoshop so that the textures didn’t clash with the contrast of the image and the WIP print.

For the final image, I would like to shoot it on film if I have enough time, otherwise, I may just experiment a little more in terms of wardrobe and time of day (noon or evening) to see how that will affect the mood and lighting. I will most likely also tweak the contrast in photoshop a bit more.