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Hey y’all I found the artist I was looking for to continue discussion of mixing the notions of professional and fine art with commercial or in some cases normal and collection or ave joe photos. I wanted to point out that as someone a fan of commercial and design art print and media that the notion of content creation and other forms of commercial art I don’t see it as the ave joe stuff is not art it may not always have the same technical skill or even always the thought or intention but that doesn’t make it separate. I think it comes back to taste and the what is art argument. It is art because it is said to be art it is not because it says it is not art but that can still be an art piece. If thing’s like happenings, futile actions, standing, performance and things can be art and are then there is no definitive difference. There are plenty of skilled artist who only do art as a hobby or don’t sell their work and to me it doesn’t matter if it’s just something on a whim taken by ave joe there for me is no hierarchy in art. There are time investments that are inherent and sometime schooling investments but everyone makes their own art photo or not.

What I’m failing to explain is that everyone completes the image and understanding of photos differently, we don’t have to mass appeal or always have big meaning, it can be simple, it can be technically skilled or not it is about connection and the relation viewers make. The artist is not the sure decider of the significance of the work or author of its meaning it changes from person to person.

The Sara Cwynar was the artist I was looking for did a film piece of photo collage to make a kind of information overload piece mimicking advertising and commercial work all while commentating on authorship and feminist criticism of society.

here’s the piece

Whatever someone wants to be art can be art if not already is. That’s not to say we shouldn’t appreciate our skills and efforts and feel good about our accomplishments and be given recognition for our advancements but just be mindful to not entirely disconnect or antagonize ave joe because they can see and inspire and find close up magic just like everyone else and it is important to not place a hierarchy on perspective and creation or else we are limiting the imagination the insights and contribution of other voices and diverse perspectives.

Also I haven’t finished reading it yet but the essay from the book and images from “Photography is Magic” are really cool and interesting. I don’t think any are digital work in terms of being like animation or screen displayed aside from text on some drones or another text work but it’s a paper book it can only show stills anyway. But yeah it’s a cool read and gives lots of inspiration. birds.

the game about memory altering and digitization