In-Progress Crit

I realized I had forgotten to submit my in-progress crit photo so I am going to post it now:

1 – What was your idea, concept, and/or frame of reference for this project?

I wanted to explore a more technical aspect for this project using my new portrait lens and learning how to use it to its strengths. I want to achieve a crisp and clean image with depth of field that resembles a “pattern” or “wallpaper” effects, similar to photos seen on Pinterest. I took some pictures from Pinterest to motivate me and give me some examples of what types of photos/compositions I could take to make a series out of it.

2 – What was your motivation to make this project? List any references.

I wanted to make a series of decorative photos on fabric paper that could be displayed on the wall in my home. The reason behind this is because I wanted to use the new lens that I got for Christmas and deal with the more technical side of this project, as opposed to conceptual like I did with the group/individual first project.

3 – What aspects of your project work well to support the concept?

I achieved depth of field. I translated the image well onto the fabric, maintaining its crispiness.

4 – What detracts from the concept?

I suppose the fact that only some of the flower is in focus and blurs out the rest because my f-stop was so low. Im not sure if I dislike this though, I think it makes for an interesting composition.

5 – How does your work engage scale?

I printed this on a sheet of fabric paper that was 17 x 12 I believe with 1-inch borders around the entire piece. Its not much bigger than what a typical print would be, but it is blown up slightly. I think that it is interesting that I engaged in a close-up image of something that is small but made it bigger than the object itself.

6 – What role does colour, composition, materials, and/or scale play in this work?

I enjoy the tangibility of the material I printed this on. I didn’t want to use just regular photo paper because I have done that many times before, but also, I liked the texture of the fabric paper. I think this relates to the content (flowers/plants) because you can always tell when something is “real” by feeling the leaves of a plant.

7 – What are some presentation qualities of your work that you considered?

For the final, I want to have at least 4 images that relate to one another, by the composition and the colour pallet and display them in a creative arrangement with perhaps a fake vine weaved in between them to show a relationship between fake and real, inviting the viewer to touch the piece and vine itself.

8 – What areas of your project would benefit from more work?

I suppose the conceptual aspect of this project could use some work, however because that was not my focus for this project, I didn’t spend much time brainstorming ideas for that.

9 – What did you learn in the process of making this work? Any notable experiences?

I learned that portrait lenses are a lot of fun to work with and just how much will be in focus when you have an f-stop as low as around 1.5. This significantly impacts how fast you put your shutter speed which ranged from anywhere around 1/400s to 1/1250s of a second. I normally don’t use shutterspeed that fast with my basic lens because there Is never enough light for me to do that. I found this to be really interesting and will help me get use to the settings to use when taking actual portaits in the future. Additionally, I learned that when printing on fabric paper, a lot of detail is lost in the image and it makes it much softer. Therefore, in order to counter this, when working in photoshop, you must sharpen the image to the point where you barely recognize the photo you started with. When I prepared my file, it was so grainy and fake looking, that I wasn’t so sure how it was going to turn out anymore. However, it was to my surprise that when I got my final image, it was perfect!

10 – Rate your commitment to this project (1=Low 10=High). Explain

I definitely felt a significant amount of commitment to this project as I already have multiple photoshoots under my belt and am planning on doing more with some photoshop work ahead of me. I chose to print on a medium and lens that I had never worked with to give me more skills to learn in order to get better and am planning out my time accordingly! I think it is because I really enjoy what I am photographing and experimenting with different techniques and settings that I would give myself an 8.5 in terms of commitment to this project!

Reference/inspiration photos from Pinterest: