Croaking Bags

I forgot to give my piece a title but there it be above. May the frogs reign supreme.

The frogs were based off this mask re-colourized in the promotional photo above. My resolution of what photography is has become translations of images across planes and mediums. If digital drawing printed like a photo is considered to be a photo work and capturing light through and around objects for photograms is photography then translation is photography medium. Even in print making we can work with photographs and digital photos just with different translations.

A huge part of this final project was the translation of a digital drawing to printing like a photo but onto fabric and mimicking the digital tools ability to warp and distort and image but instead apply those effects physically to distort and obscure the image. Similarly with 3D modelling you can take image flats and physically warp them to different effects which was another key inspiration for that direction.

The cheesy old fashioned campy movie poster like things above (and yes I know the typography is not very fun but time crunch and legibility matters) is a clue, Photography or not my work takes up physical space and was accepted as one of the Barbie Box contest winners so hopefully if we hear back from the library tomorrow, I will install it after that and it will be up til the end of May. I also really liked overlaying footage of my frog mascot with the chip bags based on them. The internet is grumpy but hopefully it uploads by the end of the night to youtube so you can see that and banana suit.