Expression Through Movement

If Our Bodies Are Beyond Logic is a dance performance spanning two nights by Kayvon Pourazar and Michelle Boule. This is a piece that combines the arts – in this case, dance and performance art – with healing practices. Their goal was to experiment how the bodies moves in relation to a free and transformative experience. As well, the two artists looked into the brain/body relationship and how these two worked in relation to self-care and health.

I think to capture the essence of dance and its healing properties is rather subjective. You cannot tell the other people what they are feeling when they are learning choreography. Dance is a very private expression, what you feel is what you experience and exists in its freedom of expression. When you are a witness to the performative arts, you are reacting to another’s experience and what they are sharing to you.

I find pieces that concentrate on more than one discipline are the most compelling to me. Any form of art (i.e. photography, dance, music, sculpture) in itself is expressive. To combine and explore it with healing and health practices is something that is incredibly interesting to me. I have considered to explore and experiment with in terms of my artistic career.

I have a couple of questions for you to consider or respond:

  1. Are there examples where artists have blended mediums or subdisciplines? Are they successful? Is there any combination that you would think is not successful?
  2. What are your opinions on performative or expressive art?

If you want to see the performance….

Michelle Boulé, The Field, Baryshnikov Arts Center, 2018. Still from video by Serena Stucke. Image From

Reference Article; Boule, M., Pourazar, Kayvon (2018, September 12th). If Out Bodies Are Beyond Logic. Retrieved from