Bib. Package 01 (Jan. 18)


Reference Package 1

Laurel McLeod

Jan. 18, 2019


Morley, Simon. The Sublime. London; Cambridge, Mass;: Whitechapel Gallery, 2010.


Wilson, Edward O. Biophilia. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 1984;1986.

Edward O. Wilson’s book, Biophilia, defines what exactly biophilia is and goes into depth about our tendency and need as human beings to understand other life forms through this complex process. Wilson, a biologist, argues that biophilia is what connects us to living species and does so through sharing his thoughts and experiences throughout the text. This book is of particular relevance to my ongoing work in this program as I am directly researching biophilia, a concept Wilson popularized, and what it means for humans to connect to nature. It is necessary for me to gain an in depth understanding of the scientific aspects of biophilia, which Wilson provides, in order to then begin generating technically accurate systems in the realization of my work. This book does not go into detail about biophilic design, however, and as such another source on that topic will need to be consulted.