STAQI #1 (18 Jan 2019)

Annotated Bibliography:

Seed, El. “Lost Walls: Graffiti Road Trip through Tunisia”. A Calligraffiti Journey through Tunisia. Here to Fame Publishing, Jun 1. 2014, pp. 4-5, 12-13, 18-18, 22-25, 28-29, 42-45, 56-57, 68-69, 76-77, 80-83, 88-89, 128-129, 142-143, 146-149.

El Seed’s ‘Lost Walls: Graffiti Road Trip through Tunisia’ is a wonderful, poignant repertoire of reclaiming an identity lost, and reconciling a forgotten past with an embrace of a hopeful future. In this lavish 160, full colour page book with a total of 250 illustrations and photographs, readers are invited to immerse themselves in El Seed’s delightful ‘calligraffiti’ (which combines the stylistic elements of Islamic Calligraphy with a loud graffiti approach). 

Using an autoethnographical methodological approach, the French-Tunisian artist El Seed, takes us through a journey traversing the beautiful landscapes of Tunisia as he paints bold, colourful powerful messages of ‘calligraffiti’ on abandoned walls in sacred spaces, in an attempt to understand his cultural heritage concurrently giving us permission to do the same. The calligraphic script of Seed’s graffiti imbues messages of hope, peace and poetic meaning to the location in which he paints, paying homage to its people.


Ward Harrison, Sabrina. Spilling Open. New York: Villard, 1999.

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