Bib. Package 03 (1 February)


Campany, David. “Conceptual Art History or, A Home for Homes for America.” In Rewriting Conceptual Art, edited by Michael Newman and Jon Bird, 123–39. London: Reaction, 1999.

Citation / Annotation:

Hartt, David. Artist’s talk at the Art Institute of Chicago, 8 October 2015. Video uploaded by the Art Institute of Chicago, 4 November 2015,

Hartt’s artist’s talk at the Art Institute of Chicago is really a quite academic lecture outlining the critical framework for a few bodies of work, which he shows here as projections of the photographs, installation views of exhibitions, and clips of video/sound pieces. (There is an interesting moment when, apropos of one of the slides, Hartt says, “This is an exterior of the building, it’s not a work of art. Well—it is a work of art, but in a very different way, and I didn’t author it.”) The talk is useful not only as an explication of Hartt’s practice—which mainly addresses “the relationship with ideology and the built environment,” and also, in the last work he discusses, the question of “what happens to an ideological perspective and belief system when the environment that it was developed to respond to and was defined by disappears”—but also as an interesting model of one strategy for presenting and discussing work.

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