Bib. Package 03 (Feb. 1)


Reference Package 3

Laurel McLeod

Feb. 1, 2019


Beech, Dave. Beauty. London; Cambridge, Mass;: Whitechapel, 2009.


Schröder, Klaus Albrecht, and Elsy Lahner. Drawing Now 2015. Munich: Hirmer, 2015.

Drawing Now 2015, is a text very relevant to my practice as though I am working interdisciplinary, drawing is the medium I keep coming back to in the realization of my work. This text identifies how contemporary artists use drawing as a way to express their own ideas through the vast world of drawing, including 3D works, animation, video, and sketches. Showing how drawing has the capability of moving past paper and into a space, drawing is incredibly relevant to my work as I am exploring how processes work within a given space, whether it be natural or man-made. This text outlines how drawing is a collaborative act, something of great interest to me as I work towards collaborating with individuals, communities, environments, and of course, materials.