Week No.2


John Waters, Role Models ( London: Corsair, 2010), 304.

This book is rugged terrain *magic; memorable encounters of characters  transcribed throughout the span of  Waters’ life thus far. Each chapter pays tribute to a significant person, era or location that has impacted Waters’ geographically . An Essential example for character development writing and descriptive portraiture. The authors personal voice is heard through his distinct vernacular and humorous tonality one that is distinctly John Waters (contrary to “death of the Author”  concepts but somehow satisfying and meaningful for the spirit of intimacy between author and reader). Waters, as a film-maker, writer and flaneur writes with a thick, witty voluptuously sharp and inviting tonality and ability to compose narrative to the point of feeling ill, but in a good way. Very useful book to keep  portraiture writing on the rails. Could listen to him “talk” for days.

Fusco, Maria. “Writing as a Visible Practice: An Interview with Maria Fusco.” Interview by Chris Sharratt.  Nov, 2018.