Week No.1


Performance Anthology, Source Book of California Performance Art.  Edited by Carl E. Loeffler and Darlene Tong, pages 531. San Francisco: Last Gasp Press and Contemporary Arts Press, 1989

Byung-Chul Han, The expulsion of the other (Frankfurt Am Main: S. Fischer Verlag, 2016), 90

Han writes about his concerns  regarding an erosion/disconnect of human spirit/the human condition due to the influx of  hyper-communication in this digital era. He deconstructs existential concerns and observations in chapters such as Thresholds, The Terror of the Same and Anxiety. He transcribes an anticipated alchemic extinction and a lack of physicality occurring within and between people .
Hans books have a way of exulting extreme dismay and loss of faith in humanity that, as much as I agree with him, it entices me to consider the positive benefits counteracting his discussions, the benefit of balance between humanity and technology.