Framework #1 – Quiet Longing of The Dog

Quiet longing of the dog

This is a panting called “The Dog” by Francisco Goya, which some people regard as one of the most famous dog painting. Goya is a famous spanish painter from the 18th-19th century, and painted “The Dog” in 1823. The painting is very simple in its presentation, there is a very small dog just off of the centre of a canvas divided in two, the dog is looking attentively at something out side of frame, the scale and subject matter seems to point towards loneliness. In my recreation of ”The Dog” I use my dog, set on a simple background divided in two, and his desire for attention to recreate the emotions present in the painting. While my dog is not nearly as small as ”The Dog”, the tones of grey mimic the feeling of the tones of red and the expression on Keanu’s face portrays the longing ”The Dog” expresses.

Francisco Goya ”The Dog” 1823