Framework #2 – Architectural Student

Hanbing Wu, Architectural Student, 2022
Drawing Analysis of “August Sander, Master Mason, 1926”

Architectural Student is a low contrast black and white photograph based on August Sander’s Master Mason. It is not difficult to see the job of the person from the clothes, tools and background. The photo is filled with rectangular elements that fill the background of the person. Ambient light is coming from the right side of the photo. In composition, the person occupies the center of the photo, and the left and right sides elements are similar, forming a balance. The person’s head occupies one-third in vertical, and the part below the shoulders occupies the remaining two-thirds in vertical. At last I used the above elements to build up my photo.

I chose an architectural student as my main character. The surrounding objects represent her study life as a renter on campus. I selectively place objects together to form a balance. For the lighting, I chose to add a light source to the right side of the person based on the ceiling lights. To achieve low contrast, I raised the dark values and lowered the light values.