Framework 3


This framework reminds me of a zine called TTP that I had a look at last summer by Hayahisa Tomiyasu. He had photographed a table tennis table from the window of his apartment for four years until it was demolished. Though it was a ping pong table, it was used by different people for different means. Around the table tennis table, many things happened.

For this framework, I photograph the dog playground from the window of my home every ten minutes using Canon 60D with a lens of focal length from 18cm to 135 cm. It is fun to see people and their dogs come and go as well as how the shadow of the lamp changes through time. I don’t raise a dog, and I have never been to the dog playground, but I like watching people and their dogs playing there. Every time in a day, you can find someone walking his or her dog there, which gives me a sense of certainty in uncertain times. Now I partly understand why Tomiaysu makes a zine like that.