Framework 3

The above photographs are part of series, each using the exact framing. They’ve been taken in my backyard. I wanted to showcase that instead of using a dryer after washing clothes, most families here in Pakistan hang a wire to hand their clothes either in their backyards or the roof whatever is easier. As the weather is usually hot and sunny, this prevents the use of electricity and makes use of the heat to dry their clothes. It’s not something we get to see in the western world. With these series, I wanted to showcase the act of people hanging their clothes using the wire or chairs, and leaving them to dry in the sun. This usually takes not more than an hour or two, so the backyard is being used as a multipurpose area. One of the difficulties that I faced photographing this was that it had been raining all week and there wasn’t a lot of sun. In that case, clothes are laid out in a room and the fan is used to dry out the clothes.