Framework#2: Back home

This photograph is inspired by the objectiveness and the foreignness that underlies August Sander’s The Architects Wife. The feelings are created by 1. the pose where the subject is not looking directly at the camera and 2. its low contrast tone which creates the documentary-like feeling. Based on these two principles, however, I decided to take two experiments.

First, instead of portraiting a posing person, I choose to capture a random stranger at a selected place. I work in accordance with Henri Bresson’s strategy when he was creating his works in The Decisive Moments — I chose the place and the framing, and then wait for the subject to come to the place where I designed. Second, instead of shooting a static person, I experiment with a lower shutter speed to get the blurred motion. I intended to see if I could still recreate the feeling of objectiveness and foreignness under these two experiments.