Framework#3: Desktop

This series of images is using the same framing to document my life routine at different times of the day, which is centered around my desktop. The phone is fixed on the ceiling right above of desk using tapes and set on a timer to take the shots, exploring an unconventional perspective to frame the photographs.

As the pandemic is lasting for almost 2 years, the bedroom has become the place where we spend most of our time, and working from home has become a new normal. Although the desktop seems to be in disorder, it contains almost all of my necessities of living, including electronics, notebooks, snacks, drinks, medicines, vitamins, and even skin-care products. We eat fast food alone in front of the digital screens, spend hours working and studying on the internet, communicate through a virtual environment. And when we can finally rest, the bed is just 5 inches away, only to start another day of isolation around the messy desktop.