Framework 6: Still Life

With this work, I wanted to play around with the following concept that leads to my framework 7: the kitchen. Trying to delve deep into what I considered my safe space and a place of inspiration, personally, I thought the area where I am to cook and take my mind off little stresses in life was what I wished to showcase. 

Taking different bowls, kitchen utensils, and many more to figure out a composition of my liking, the goal was to convey the different materiality and mediums of the different pieces in my kitchen. Especially, I strived to portray my fascination for glassware which allowed the colors to shine through as if they were emerald. Thinking about lighting and how it reacts with the nature of glass, it was a struggle trying to play with the shadows as well. However, I decided to overlay the different materials that are opaque as prominent pieces and used the glassware to add detail through refraction.