Framework 7

For the Framework, ‘Interior Space of Interest,’ I wanted to photograph my dorm room. Having to move across the world for my undergraduate degree, this room has slowly become home as I’ve decorated it with all the things that define me. Essentially you could say, I wanted to document how my own interests define a particular space. I photographed my desk, the view from my window and a string of fairly lights that travel through the the frame of the image. Apart from aesthetic purposes, these lights bring a sense of comfort, and nostalgia of my home in Lahore and my father who got these for me. To photograph the image, I shut the other lights in the room, highlighting the warmth of the fairly lights in contrast with the blue light and the lights from the buildings outside. After a long day of work, I love coming home to this and appreciating my journey. In terms of constraints, it took me a lot longer than I expected to figure out the manual settings of my DSLR to capture the space at night.