Framework 8

For this week’s framework, I decided to recreate Tina Modotti’s ‘Woman with Flag’ from 1928. It was originally a black and white photograph of a young indigenous woman carrying a flag. The photograph itself writes that women at the backdrop of Mexican history were treated like slaves, and the artist wanted to depict the women in her country and their living conditions realistically. The woman has an upright posture, thus she looks dignified and strong.

Similarly, I photographed my friend who is also from Pakistan and came to study at the University of Toronto as an international student. She wears traditional clothes and holds the Pakistan flag in her hand, representing the values and culture she brings along with her. This recreation combines my interest in people with a modern aesthetic and is representative of a revolution. There’s a lot of pressure leaving your home to study and build your life, and so many women today are given the opportunity unlike the past. I wanted to recreate this image highlighting the positivity that exists in the 21st century, thus, I chose to have a coloured photograph. I took the photograph on the street that leads up to King’s Circle, having the CN Tower as an emblem of Toronto in the background.

I struggled slightly due to the extremely cold weather, and I wasn’t able to spend sufficient time to ensure the right proportions and sharpness.