Framework #8

Jug With Bottles
Jug With Bottles Sketch

The Original painting by Winston Churchill, “Jugs and Bottles,” depicts his manic appreciation for alcohol. Churchill enjoys from both painting and his well known drinking habits, which he starts his day with a glass of whisky and soda. The still life painting combines some daily objects at Chartwell, his home in Kent. On the left, it is one of his favourite bottles, Johnnie Walker’s Black Label, the next one is a tall bottle of unknown brandy. Both shining bottles are filled with rich and dark-golden liquor, which add the translucency to the work. There are crystal jugs and glasses set on the same silver tray in front of the bottles. The cuts and engraves on them are more complicated and blurry comparing to the bottles. The tray clearly reflects the juxtaposition of the items, and add a new dimension to the work. The materiality is highly captured by Churcill.

From sketching, I realized the the framing signifies what is most important in the selection of items, and it is placed in the center. In the photograph, I attempt to replicate the scene, with a little bit of object substitutions. The main approach is to reproduce the refraction, reflection, transparency, and translucency in the original painting.

Jug With Bottles, Winston Churchill, 1930s