Framework 8 + Midterm

For this framework, I choose Edward Hopper’s work Morning Sun (1952) as my reference image. I invite my roommate as my model.

I am a fan of Edward Hopper partly because I am familiar with his main subjects: the disconnected and lonely people living in the big city. I was raised in a big city. and I am fascinated by city life. However, living in a big city sometimes does make me tired and isolated. 

Someone has said that Hopper portrayed a world shut down, which I think is corresponded to our world during the pandemic time. People are isolated at home and spend more time with screens rather than people than before. Therefore, I place the electronic devices around my model. Though the original painting is named Morning Sun, I photograph the work at 4 pm afternoon. It is like, after a day’s remote work, the girl feels empty and tired.  

Edward Hopper was interested in movies and plays. Many of his works have aggressive cropping and cinematic composition. Therefore, I try to make this photo looks like a film still. I think he is the painter who was most close to a photographer or a filmmaker.