Framework#8 – Flowers and fruit

Flowers and fruit
Sketch plan
Henri Fantin-Latour, Still Life with Flowers and Fruit, 1866, French

After 7 frameworks work, I found I was more interested in Still Life images, so I decided to set up the fake for Henri Fantin-Latour’s work – Still Life with Flowers and Fruit. When I sketch this photo, I think about how to express the light in the photo, then it will be like a painting and how to make the photo more like an oil painting. I chose to shoot in the afternoon, because the natural light outside is not so bright at this time, and two more yellow lights can create the shadow and highlight of the object. The composition of the photo is to place the flowers and fruit on two “main points.” After I finished shooting, I used PS to adjust the picture to warm colors and processed the areas that were too white.