In the framework 8, I decided to recreate the Chinese Musician Artist Gong Ge’s 2021 Album:The Age of Illusory Days(幻日年代). Gong is one of my favourite Chinese new born Musician artists that has combined music and literature together to create the most thoughtful and critical lyrics.  The song “It’s not the sunset that announces the night in the city but the streetlights” has always brought me imagery that makes me want to create a photograph of this music. 

In this song, Gong reflects on his perspective of nowadays society——the digital media world. He mentions, “What has been taken for granted is actually not so logical. We are accepted, accustomed and domesticated in the rules. Numbness is highly toxic, and we need to stay awake.  

Gong’s song makes me feel really dim in a way, therefore when I created the photograph, I planned to do some black theme colour photographs. I think about what could represent corruption on the street in daily life, stand out and catch viewers eyes. As someone who does lots of street photography, I noticed a while ago that there is always a light that shines next to a trash can. I decided to take this photograph, because I found this very relevant. Although I did not include any character in my recreation of the photograph, I used the daily object to express the relationship between two people.


Album cover