Blog Post #1: Feline Good

One of the things that will become very apparent in my work is that I love to photograph my cats. The cat depicted in this photo is my oldest. Her name is Luna and she is a sweetheart. I wasn’t sure what else to photograph to be completely transparent as I left my photo-taking until the evening after the sun went down. Accomplishing a low-contrast photo with flash was a struggle. Shadows became my enemy as they gave too much depth to my shots but I think this accomplishes a fairly flat appearance that can function as a low-contrast photo for this post despite being a bit darker than I had wanted.

Along with my cat is my boyfriend who, by default, tends to be a model for many of my shots for projects as well! I like to photograph things that resonate with me or subjects that I have a connection with, so what better than my two best friends! (Yes, I realize that sounds incredibly corny, but hear me out) These two subjects provide comfort and warmth in my daily life, therefore I titled this “feline good” to resemble the personal connection I have to the photo, better yet the subjects inside!

Also, quick side note: I am not a drawer. I know his face looks a tad scary but bear with me!