The Prince’s Husband

Based off the Architect’s wife.

“I am forever your most devoted believer”. Again and again, the changing of times and people, I refuse to move on and lose the past or belief I had in them. Stubborn as always I may not be as close or needed the in the same way as before but, I will be and there to see where the path takes them. To be formless is to reflect what other people see because beauty for formless or shapeshifting beings can only be made from what they know and see, the cultural instillment of what is beautiful to them. If I were truly formless and able to shape-shift what would I look like with my multiplicity of love and adoration, would I be one representation. I struggle to fathom a single form that would bring contentment. Ever the makeup wearing chameleon, forms and styles change by the day torn from suits and monochrome to soft pastels and bulky forms to delicate and historical or rainbow vomit and fluffy onesies. I lack a single or perpetual answer and refuse to settle not for lack of commitment but for a refusal to be only one and an understanding that making the most and forcing to accept oneself as only one idea is settling and giving up on all other ideas of beauty.