In Progress Crit 3

for this project I wanted to focus on animal photography since that is my passion and I have yet to incorporate that in any of my photo works. I think I am leaning more toward making this a series of photos, I am just struggling to find a common theme. my approach was to take photos of any animals I had access too and then narrow down the final works to the species a felt most connected to. I wanted to stray away from action shots for this work because that felt too documentary and focus more on creating a connection between the animal and the viewer.

here are the unedited photos I have narrowed down as of right now, I will have a maximum of one picture per species ideally, but that isn’t set in stone. I am hoping to get at least one more trip in to shoot any retakes or different species. I would like to reshoot the arctic wolves and orangutans if I can because I was struggling with my camera settings when I was with them.