Proj III IP Crit

For this project, I want to focus more on developing techniques in photography. For the concept, I want to explore something more general such as youth culture from an Asian-Canadian perspective. The way in which I will accomplish this idea is to hone in on aspects of modern culture such as fashion, music and for me specifically, Filipino and Asian culture. Most likely, I will have a series of photographs ranging from portraits, preferably candids, and still-lifes. City-scapes are also a possible route that I may explore.

Whether I want to use film or digital is undecided. Although, I am leaning towards going digital for this project as I feel colour will allow for a wider range and I do not have access to colour film.

Below are some examples of how I want to go about this project.

Some artists I took inspiration from are Wolfgang Tillmans, Tommy Kha and Thomas Struth.