Framework 2: Low Contrast

From the reference photos given, what I found intriguing was the second image of the painter. The way he was centered and how the low contrast worked alongside portrayed a subtle, soft image, it allowed the characteristics and details of the image to stand out even more in my opinion. With the low contrast, as an audience, I found it easier to understand and immerse myself into a piece without hesitation and focus more on each and every element of the photograph. 

I wanted to try creating a visual interpretation of this reference image with a modern twist. Placing a subject, my friend, in a colorful setting, I wanted to emanate the energy of the people of my generation. With the subject holding a peace sign, having disposable bags for self leisure, and wearing apparel where personal alterations were made, I found it interesting to capture this moment. Because our generation is heavily influenced by millennials, there are certain trends like reforming clothing, vintage shopping, visiting retro-themed locations, and many more. I thought it would be fitting to visit this cupcake shop that conveyed these concepts. The struggle lay with the lighting and post-production editing process because there was nothing I could do at the location. However, using proper framing and different locations within the space, I found it a valuable experience and made me aware of the struggle that could occur while taking photographs in a public space.