Framework 3: Three Images

This series of photographs focused on trying to capture the different modes a student like myself could go through while studying for academic pursuits. The pressure to perform and anxiety that builds up due to academic stress are truly there and I wanted to showcase this reality in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Trying to portray a natural image of students in action, this series carries on in a sense where one would try to focus on work, but also get easily distracted and procrastinate which is something I deal with as well. 

In addition, instead of trying to capture an image where typically subjects may be portrayed upfront, I experimented with different angles and decided to stick with an aerial view in order to convey a unique framing method: the circular outline of the sitting space. I found it a bit difficult trying to get a clear image in aerial view because enough height was needed for me to create a decent circle. However, I managed to use the surroundings around me and used a selfie stick which was really interesting as well. In fact, I was surprised by the results to the point that using a selfie stick, as a form of taking photographs, is something I want to experiment with further in the future.