Framework 4 & 5: High and Low Key

This served as a great camera and post-production exercise for me as I was able to explore high and low key components within a black and white image. With this, I wanted to utilize the dramatic effects and contrast high and low key compositions could give together. Creating a diptych-like format and similar thematic exploration of pure emotions, I played around different angles of capture as well to create a piece that would work better together as a whole. I had asked the models that functioned as my subjects to feel free to move around and create various facial expressions so that the images I can capture have fluidity and liveliness. In addition, I tried to create unity with intention as well through their outfit of choice. Having a leather material where lights reflect around it actively, I strived to use it to my advantage. 

There was a struggle in the sense that it would have been much easier to have access to a plain black background to be able to experiment better with lighting. With the given circumstances, it did take a couple trials to be able to present a work refined enough; however, I believe I managed to do so as much as I can and found it a great learning experience.